Pornhub Premium Is Now Free Worldwide

Pornhub Premium Is Now Free Worldwide

Pornhub announces that their Premium videos will be free worldwide to promote social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

You’ve been scrolling through endless pages of videos on Pornhub, trying to find that right flick to enjoy for your quarantine self-love session but you keep on getting hit with advertisements promoting how much better the Premium service is. In your head, you’re thinking: “Why does Italy get free Premium porn but I don’t???” Well, fret no longer. The adult entertainment website has just announced that Pornhub Premium is officially free for all.“Pornhub is encouraging people around the world to stay home to help flatten the Coronavirus curve by self-isolating with FREE Premium,” writes the company on their website. With high-definition videos and an exclusive selection of content for your viewing pleasure, this should simplify your need for superior pornography as we prepare to spend a hot minute in self-isolation.

In addition to this generous announcement, Pornhub also revealed that they will be donating to several sources helping to combat the spread of COVID-19. The company is sending thousands of surgical masks to first responders around the country, €50,000 to multiple European organizations for medical equipment and masks, and $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project.

Pornhub traffic has been rising by the day as more and more people stay home. Without access to a vast dating pool, men and women around the world can now enjoy the benefit of a free Pornhub Premium membership. You excited?

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