Marina Granovskaia faces tough Raphinha decision as Chelsea progress with Eden Hazard loan deal

Marina Granovskaia faces tough Raphinha decision as Chelsea progress with Eden Hazard loan deal

A familiar face could be returning to Stamford Bridge, and mixed reviews are ringing in and around the fanbase.

Chelsea fans love a bit of sentiment, so when I heard that Eden Hazard is ready to come back to Stamford Bridge, it was no surprise that many were open to the idea. I would love to see the 31-year-old Belgian make a return, not because he is a good player, but because of sentiment.

The last couple of years has shown Hazard to be injury-prone and far from a player that Real Madrid thought they’d be getting. Although it seems the majority are ready for Hazard to prove his critics wrong, others would not relish his return.

But what if his return meant no room in the squad for another brilliant Premier League winger?

Leeds winger, Raphinha is among several prospects Chelsea has been looking at for their summer transfer window. Whilst Leeds have suffered from poor results in their recent form. The Brazilian has been their clear stand-out player.

His talent is undeniable at this point, and he would be an incredible addition to the Blues attack, but he will have to prove to be better than another one of Tuchel’s favourites, Ousmane Dembele.

The January transfer window saw Thomas Tuchel heighten his interest in Dembele. Chelsea fans are not so keen on this deal, and I understand why. The pair had built a relationship during their time at Borussia Dortmund just five years ago. His injury record speaks volumes to his credibility. The route that Chelsea could be taking involves the return of Hazard and the introduction of Dembele. This sounds like a recipe for disaster for our medical staff.

The Blues would not have to pay a transfer fee which falls in his favour, and likely they will not have to bear the burden of his wages. Dembele’s contract with Barcelona ends this summer, meaning that Chelsea would also not have to look into negotiations with the club.

However, Dembele’s hefty salary demand may give Chelsea a reason to favour the Belgian.

The question isn’t whether Chelsea should sacrifice Raphinha for a Hazard return. The question is, is Dembele the right move? Hazard’s return allows room for Raphinha, whereas a move for Dembele may stunt any negotiations with the Brazilian.

The fact is, Marina Granovskaia would rather save money wherever is necessary. Having both players on the wage bill doesn’t sound like a needed deal for the Blues.

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