Chelsea talks with Romelu Lukaku ‘going on behind the scenes’

Chelsea talks with Romelu Lukaku ‘going on behind the scenes’

Chelsea feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode into the transfer market this summer, or at least that is what Blues fans are hoping right now.

There are just three weeks remaining until they play in the UEFA Super Cup final, and you would be hard pressed to believe that they will have concluded a deal to sign a new striker by then, although stranger things have happened.

Right now, the club appear no closer to concluding a deal to sign a new striker, which has largely been reported to be a massive priority for the club and for Thomas Tuchel this summer.

So what is the latest from someone reliable? We have exactly that here, after The Telegraph’s Matt Law appeared on The London is Blue Podcast yesterday.

Law believes that Chelsea must have a suitor for Tammy Abraham before signing a new striker.

On Erling Haaland he says that Dortmund are showing no signs of being inclined to sell him at the moment.

But the interesting thing here is he believes that Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea is more likely, claiming that here are still talks with him going on behind the scenes.


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