5 Nigerian Musician That Talk-Dirty In Their Songs > Who Do You Think Is The Most Corrupt?

5 Nigerian Musician That Talk-Dirty In Their Songs > Who Do You Think Is The Most Corrupt?

Nigerian pop music best reflects our social life. The rhythm between those music minutes tells everything, even the most obscene of experiences.

Using innuendos and puns, some artists find interesting expressions for sex and sin in their music. They are the industry’s dirty-talkers who make explicit, raw, and uncensored music.

Today, we decided to drop this list so you all can know the Top artiste that talks dirty in all of their songs 😄

Here are 5 Top Dirty Talkers in the industry.

Let’s go 👇

5. Slimcase

Otunba Lamba is famous for his mumbled words but in those words lies a realm of raunchiness and obscenity.

It requires extra attention to understand the extent of dirty-talking that Slimcase does. That’s why his music best enjoyed using earplugs with both sides plugged-in.

NOTE:- If you know you are still a virgin or a saint, don’t even bother to listen to Slimcase’s song else, your eye go disvirgin your entire body.

4. Reminisce

Alaga is many things in one. Not only is his sex appeal as tall as he is, but his lyrics is also just as dirty as the tint of his hair 😂😂

In his usual smooth style, he delivers those dirty lines in between verses and makes references in his music that turns the girls on.

NOTE:- If you don’t know him personally, you will think he’s bad as his music sound but Man is so loyal and sincere to his wife. Baba an even Alhaji self.

3. Bode Blaq

The least popular on this list but his 18+ lyrical content justifies his position. Bode Blaq has got the charisma of D’banj, the baritone vocals of Durella and the rawness of Reminisce.

O wo pata o de twerk idi yen shoda? no need to cry ti n ba fun ibadi yen ni yoga..” exemplifies the level of lewdness composed in Bode Blaq’s music.

His Isokuso EP is littered with such lines – lines that evoke slides of freaky freaky thoughts.

2. Olamide

Lati iwaju ko fun ni doggy, lati eyin missionary

In this line, there’s all the evidence you need to agree that Olamide is a dirty talker who delivers his lines to excite the streets.

Olamide, from time to time, makes this uncouth music which becomes hits in no time. Baddo suppose they act Blue film, he talks bad thing too much.

1. Naira Marley

Leader of the Marlians gang and Optimus prime of dirty talking, Naira Marley makes unapologetically raw and uncensored music.

He loves and lives the life of a controversial artist who would call sex by it’s name and saying something like “to ba doko ma lo le” 😂😂

Friendly advice, listen to Naira Marley only if you are okay with listening to the rawest form of hedonism in music.

The End!

Thank you all for reading this piece.

Which Of These Artistes Do You Think Is The Most Corrupt?

Let’s hear from you all.

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